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THUNDER SolarSun Panel Power and LED Lamp
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Update: 28-09-2018 10:08
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Type T8 T4
DIMENSIONS Length (mm) 3730 (12'3")
Width (mm) 2820 (9'3")
Height (mm) 2495 (8'2")
Full Extending Height (mm) 9 (29'7")
Gross Weight (kg) 1850/4034 1800/4000
Rotational Speed (rpm) 3000/3600
Number of Cylinder 1
Engine Character 4 cycles, air-cooled diesel
Combustion System Direct Injection
Engine Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Emission Level Regular
ALTERNATOR Standard Configuration SP10MG (LINZ)
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rating Voltage (V, AC) 230 (AC)
Alternator Insulation Class H
Alternator Protection Grade IP 23
MASS & LIGHTS Type of Lights LED Regular metal halide
Light's Fixtures Rectangle Rectangle (GEWISS)
Luminous Flux (LM/Light) 39000 110000
Number & Power (W) 8 x 300 4 x 1000
Number of Mass Section 3
Mass Lifting Hydraulic
Mass Extension Hydraulic
Mass Rotation Hydraulic
Light Bar Tilt 12VDC Electric Linear Actuator
TRAILER Axle with Suspension & Axle Brake SWT Standard leaf springs & single axle with mechanical drum brakes
Tow Bar Retractable & adjustable supporting wheel tow bar
Stabilizing Legs & Number 4pcs Hydraulic retractable legs
Wheel's Rim Size & Tires 16" rim with off road tires
Tow Adapter Tall light kit
Max Towing Speed (km/H) 100 (62mph)
ADDITIONAL FEATURES Electric Standard & Configuration SWT Australia Electric Standard, Australia & Mining Configuration
Fuel Tank Type Double Wall
Fuel Tank Capacity 80
Operating Hours 88 53
Hydraulic Components Mining Standard Hose
Wires & Electric Component IP 65
Generator Starting Type or Controller SUNIGHT-002
Running Indicator of Generator Rotating LED Light
Extinguisher Only Supply the Mounting Bracket
Max Against Wind (m/s) 22 (50mph)
Acoustic Pressure
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